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These pregnant lesbians are like wild forest cats: they will jump anything that moves as long as they get their pussies fucked and their tits fondled. Their sexual appetite is truly astonishing and can be satisfied only if they keep going non-stop. You are always welcome to watch of course! Enjoy the view of horny lesbians getting more inventive than ever to scratch that burning itch and cum again and again, only to take on a new kinky challenge.

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Twenty year old Karen is the horniest thing alive, and she loves cock and pregnant lesbians pussy the same. She managed to get pregnant five months ago by one of her many fuck buddies, and now her skinny body finally got some nice curves and a belly. Karen remained the dirty slut she was, even though she is carrying a baby.

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Nikky and Larry just love experimenting and it’s not unusual for them to bring a third person in bed if they feel like it. This time they managed to find a knocked up slut who was willing to join them. Not many pregnant lesbians women hang out in bars, so they knew instantly that she is one dirty hoe.

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When Lora found out she was pregnant and her boyfriend decided to split, her only comfort has been Mary, her lesbian next door neighbor. Lora and Mary spend most afternoons together, chatting about everything. When Lora admits that she always wanted to do it with another woman, it doesn’t take Mary long to talk her into making out.

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Klara waits impatiently until her lesbian lover gets home from work. This pregnant lesbian managed to get knocked up during a crazy party, and her lover barely forgave her that. Now she wants to throw her little surprise and give her a wet welcome on the living room sofa. She gets rid of her bra and reveals a pair of big tits.

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Hilary and Ellen have been a couple for 3 years now, and finally decided they want to raise a child together. They convinced their friend Jeff to knock Hilary up, and getting to fuck a smoking hot lesbian isn’t an offer you get every day. Now that she’s 6 months pregnant, Hilary eats Ellen’s pussy with even more passion.

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These two girls know how to have fun! Although the curly pregnant girl isn’t as flexible as she once was because of her growing belly, she is still capable of giving her lover a good time. After having her sit on a chair, she shoves a huge dildo in blonde’s tight cunt as she’s screaming with pleasure and fondling her big breasts with firm pointy nipples.

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Jade and Ann have been messing around with each other since high school, and Ann being knocked up some 6 months ago hasn’t changed anything. She invited Jade or a cup of coffee and gossip and complains about not getting laid for weeks. Jade offers to help her with that and helps her undress and starts sucking her huge nipples while caressing her big belly.

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Knocked Up Hottie Gets Her Pearl Polished

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This preggo woman looks so relaxed, leaning back against the pillows while her pregnant lesbian lover prepares to spit and shine her pearl. But looks can be deceiving, and in this case, what appears as drowsy lethargy is a barely contained passion. Her need and anticipation are soon set loose in a frantic face-to-pubis coupling that will take your breath away as you watch her buck and grind in an effort to get that soft tongue right where she needs it! There’s no denying the demands of her body in its knocked up, hormone infused state, and she gives in to her urges with an intensity that borders on the brink of sexual madness!

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Oh so sexy in stockings, and oh so fucking horny! These two pregnant lesbians are really into each other, and it’s not hard to see why! They are by far the two hottest preggo babes I’ve ever cum across, and the fact that they’re half crazed by a blind desire to reach the peak of carnal pleasure, no matter what it takes, fairly makes the old worm wiggle! They nuzzle each others necks, trade spit in deep lesbian kisses and fondle each others milk laden breasts, all of which is guaranteed to give you a raging hard on! But that’s just the beginning. Once you see just how far these libido driven babes are willing to go to reach climax and satisfy their intense pregnant desires, your own libido will be screaming for satisfaction!

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Is there anything that gives you a bulge in your briefs like watching a pregnant lesbian getting a good muff munching? This mature preggo first has her female friend oil up her swelling stomach, then she lies back like a pot-bellied pig in heat to have her hormonal-fueled needs taken care of. No doubt they’re both deriving great pleasure from the exercise, but possibly not as much pleasure as you’re going to enjoy when you see the rest of this lust-maddened pregnant lesbian sex session! This is one preggo who cares about nothing but her sexual needs, and she goes after what she wants with the gusto that only a desperately horny pregnant woman can summon!

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